Historical Museums in Malaysia

Malaysia is known for its rich history coming from centuries of being exposed to various cultures and traditions. From the earlier times of farmers slashing and burning and growing crops to powerful empires ruling the inlands of Malay. Not to mention its exposure to British colonization and its independence in the 1950s all tell an interesting story.

WIth these, the museums in the country are the best place to enjoy this fullness of history only Malaysia can offer. Here are some of the best museums you definitely need to visit the next time you are in the country.

Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia

Apart from having the chance to learn Islam through practitioners in the museum, this place also holds arguably the largest collection of artifacts ad art about Islam anywhere in the world. As such, there seems to no place better to learn about the peaceful ways of Islam than this museum. It covers artifacts not only from Malaysia but China and India as well who used to be great trade partners of the country.


Oil, gas and water works are just a few of the things Malaysia is known for and that is what the Petrosains gives visitors. A modern take on a museum, its goal is to educate the future generation using technology to drive information to visitors. It also helps that the museum is situated in the world-famous Petronas Tower which automatically makes the trip all worthwhile.

Sarawak Natural History Museum

Known to be a beautiful example of Victorian architecture in, this museum that showcases indigenous inhabitants of various tribes started out as a mere passion project. It was started by Alfred Wallace who was a British naturalist. From collecting strange wildlife specimen coming from Borneo’s hidden islands, it has now grown into a big and diverse museum.

Rainforest Discovery Center

If you are looking to witness nature and specimen in their own habitats, this is the best place to go. Malaysia is proud to have this Rainforest Discovery Center as it spreads information on rainforests and how they play a crucial role in present day and age. It also works in collaboration with the Orangutan Center making it a great place to visit.

Music Museum

Music lovers would find it hard to pass up the opportunity to visit the Music Museum which would greatly increase their appreciation for music. This museum showcases instruments that were used by the Indian, the Chinese as well as the Malay in the past. It also includes Sabah and Sarawak instruments which help you get a bigger appreciation for modern musical instruments. Also, admission is free when visiting the music museum.