Welcome to Vintage Malaya

This site is dedicated to helping you understand more about the rich and colorful history of Malaysia. Located in Asia, this country has some of the most colorful personalities as well as an interesting way of gaining its independence from British rule.

Early history of Malaysia


The site will walk you through some of the earliest history of Malaysia (or Malay as it was referred to in the past). It helps you get to know how farmers used the slash and burn method of growing crops in the past. It also shares how fishermen later used the topography of the country to their advantage. The same way trade and commerce flourished in the country.

This opened the country to trade with other more developed countries exposing them to the Dutch and the British as well as traders from India to China as well as some Arabian countries. As such, there are a lot of famous historical places in Malaysia you can visit as well as a ton of historical museums that will give you a peek into the country’s diverse and rich past.

Islam in Malaysia

The country’s religion is predominantly Islam and the site walks you through how trade played a big part with how Islam came to be widely accepted in the country. It explains how Indian traders were able to convert one Sultan into the Islam religion and how another converted into it as he married a princess. The religion was slowly accepted into the inland from the coastal areas without much resistance.

Gambling in Malaysia

One of the top tourist spots in the country is the Genting Highlands Resort situated 6,000 feet above sea level. It houses the Resorts World Genting which is one of the biggest casinos in the world. It has about 200,000 square feet of casino floor that offers a wide range of choices from slot machines, electronic gambling as well as tables that offers various casino games.

The British influence

The site will also explain the British influence that happened mostly in the 19th century. As a powerful country at that time, it already controlled India and proved to be a strong trade player. However, they exerted more influence in Malay at that time to help strengthen the trade route as well as ensure that commerce in the country is running smoothly.

As they took hold of Penang and Malacca together with Singapore calling it the Straits Settlement, trade was very profitable. However, there were rebellion in Malay due to tin being popular causing tension between Malay Sultans and the Chinese. The site will explain how the British decided to put residents to act as “advisors” who later on took control of the country. You will also learn how the same people the British educated were the ones who spearheaded a peaceful independence for their country.